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consent on boosts for us Show more your geeky gal pal has an opening for $75 paid writing for anyone queer who wants to write a pitch, including first time writers!

we must all unite against a common enemy: the discord setting for "default notifications when you join a server" being set by servers

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actually yk what we'll do that as a public post we wrote a poem. it's cwed inside the link so ppl can share it without that, but, just in case, cw for pain and medical stuff

This fraud shit really has put a huge dent on my mental health and pretty much delayed me from getting food for a good week or so. Now I can finally go shopping again starting today

I got enough to get some food but of course I always need more than I usually ask for..

While i got my money back, I'm still super pissed..

So anything rn would be very appreciated

#TransCrowdFund$melaninpony ok I've set up (finished setting up) a new bandcamp here
Go follow it please and thank you

shaming people for being picky eaters *is* ableism

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