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hey so since y'all really like :heart_trans: and i didn't realize y'all could copy it, please spread around the appropriate credit to my pal Cam! She's asked to point me towards her discord username, CAMERATA#4771 for thanking her for these good emoji.

The full set is:

:heart_ace: :heart_aro: :heart_bi: :heart_gq: :heart_is: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :heart_pride: :heart_trans:

I only have a few $ and not a lot of time left before I have to go shopping again. I only have $9 of the 160 I need for groceries, yarn & the internet since that's due in 2 weeks

anything and everything is appreciated~$melaninpony

Hi all! Sooo... I was a wee bit ill (by a wee bit I mean holy freaking heck soooo goddamn sick ow) the last couple of weeks, and sick = not doing nuthin' = I'm running low on $$$ to fend off the ravenous bill monsters.

I ain't the sort to ask for donations at times like this (loads of folks need it more) but I do have some arty stuff to offload, if any y'all might be interested. Hence, a quick lil' advertising thread incoming, boosts much and eternally appreciated πŸ’–

#mastoart #artist

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They got clif bars in the surplus store again! We'll put in an order tomorrow.

If anyone want to treat us to a box of clif bars, $15 will cover a whole box!

Donations are welcome

it's true. queer and trans people aren't safe in Salvation Army shelters. Give your money to someone who deserves it and skip the red pot people

hey! i'm a trans kid with no income whose savings are running out and is having trouble paying for therapy.

i opened a pool fund thing for people to help me (i know it's A Lot but literally every bit counts, as every 35€ is a therapy session I can afford)

if you can contribute, i'll be really grateful. boosts are appreciated!

hey web developers/designers of Mastodon, I am looking to hire someone to redesign my personal site

If this is a project that interests you, please see this basic description and requirements bit that I wrote up, there is also a contact e-mail in there if you want to get in touch:


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uhhhh hey does anybody wanna buy me this so i can see if a vertical mouse would help my hand not get so fucked up???

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developmental disability discussion, ableism Show more

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Hey, serious post:

Being jokey isn’t an excuse not to tag NSFW, kink, or otherwise regularly tagged material. Please fall on the side of courtesy tags if you can’t feel out whether or not it should be tagged to begin with. I promise folks are gonna read it anyway if they’re already interested, I think we all know that from experience at this point


"Proud to support LGBTQ+ students" stickers without info on LGBTQ+ support networks is some Cursed Performative Allyship nonsense

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