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@Fidgetcetera i wonder if there would be a way to make screen reader friendly versions of that kind of thing for the crap we do on mastodon, with like font emojis and glitch text and such. like can you alt text, on text? i wonder if @Gargron has looked into this kind of thing, like id love to be able to do all those stupid things without making screen readers choke

Markdown. Reddit has a markdown syntax for italics, bold, links, even spoilers, we could use a similar one for non-readable text.
@Fidgetcetera @gargron

@rick_777 @Fidgetcetera @Gargron some instances use markdown but people are still going to use weird unicode crap. i know i love glitch text generator, it'd be nice to have a way to say "ok now if you're a screen reader, say this"

@rick_777 @Fidgetcetera @Gargron i disagree. rather than shaming people to not use a feature they like and enjoy, especially on a platform we have control over like mastodon, we should figure out how to make it better for everyone

It doesn't have to be in shaming form. Just add it to the fediquette and say it's expected of ppl to care about the disabled. (Or not being ableist)
@Fidgetcetera @gargron

@anna I would love screenreaders to do those different unicode-things in various accents and intonations.
Like a thundering metal growl for the gothic font, a lofty fairy whisper for the lighter fonts, a german bureaucrats cough for the bold ones and a beep-boop computer voice for any mono-fonts.

@rick_777 @Fidgetcetera @gargron

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