hey here's an idea
random info sharing of things you might think of as obvious, without judgement of anyone who doesn't. maybe a hashtag? idk I don't want anything that is labeled as "common sense" or "obvious knowledge" but yeah

we'll start: dryer sheets mostly are there to make clothes smell nice. no need to bother with them if you don't care about that!

@Fidgetcetera i dont know what a dryer sheet is bc dryers are like rich people things in poland

if you dry yourself in the shower with a towel instead of drying when you’re out of the shower, it stops water going everywhere in the bathroom.

#ThingsToKnow as a hashtag perhaps?

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@Fidgetcetera I was always told that they make clothes not static-y. Is that something they made up to get people to buy them?


a lot of people also have sensitivities where the smell of dryer sheets is painful! ik i do!

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