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want to help keep the instance running and donate to a community selected charity each month? support us on patreon! :blobheartcat:

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As a note to our new tumblr friends, the fediverse is a primarily volunteer-run thing with the admins paying for all the server costs out of their own pockets

If you'd like to chip in towards keeping the fediverse running then most admins have patreon or kofi links somewhere that you can throw a couple of bucks at from time to time

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If you're experiencing jumpy scrolling in Pinafore, please refresh the page until you see "Version 0.13.0" in "About Pinafore": You may need to hard-refresh using Ctrl-Shift-R on Windows/Linux or Cmd-Shift-R on Mac, or clear the site data in your browser settings. There is also which is currently running the same version. Sorry for the bug! πŸ›

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Berliners! My ex-intern, now full-time employee, urgently needs a new flat because her current flat situation is untenable. She needs a place where she can live with her sister. Requirements: Not bleedingly expensive, space for two people, in Berlin. Any leads, please get in touch!

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I have a job interview Monday and I'm going to nail it. (CW: $RQ, finances) Show more

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